Prologue of Promise

25 September 2016

Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? Why are we and the world we live in broken? Does God plan to fix it? These are foundational questions to life. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, gives answers. As we enter the fall season, we will be looking at the prologue (ch.1-11) to the book that is the foundation of the entire Bible. It is the prologue of promise concerning God’s amazing plans to put His world back together.  In it we find beauty, meaning, and hope that is as old as time itself.

10/9/16 – Genesis 1:1-2:3 – The Theater of God’s Glory

10/16/16 – Genesis 2:4-25 – The Design for Flourishing

10/23/16 – Genesis 3 –  The Fall from Glory

10/30/16 – Genesis 4-5 – The Frustration of the Promise

11/6/16 – Genesis 6-9 – The Promise Preserved

11/13/16 – Genesis 10:1-12:3 – The Return to Glory   

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