Wednesday Evening Book Group

10 October 2019

In a time when we always feel plugged in, our hearts and minds get cluttered. We try to pray, but get interrupted. We try to meditate on Scripture, but our concentration falters. Why is this? Could it be that our hearts are already inhabited by other things? To be an image bearer of God is to be a worshiper. That implies that none of our habits are neutral. Our habits tune our hearts to beat in unison with a particular vision of the good life, a particular kingdom. As Christians, if we desire to seek God’s kingdom we must take an inventory of our habits (big and small), so that we can live whole lives for the glory of God.

Over the course of 3-weeks, we will host a conversational gathering to engage this topic and help one another form physical and spiritual habits that help us flourish and love God more. We hope you’ll come join the conversation! Buy the book HERE.

Participants will be asked to thoughtfully read assigned chapters before each meeting. Email Corey Chaplin with any questions (

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

November 6th: Chapters 1-2

November 13th: Chapters 3-4

November 20th: Chapters 5-7

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