New Sermon Series

22 January 2020

The Book of Esther has often stood out as a controversial book of the Bible. Some theologians questioned whether it should even be in the Bible! It raises questions for any honest reader: Why is God never mentioned? Is Esther a woman of virtue or compromise? Does this condone the objectification and abuse of women? Yet, the story of Esther is a vivid depiction of how God preserves His people in the most complicated and darkest of seasons. Above the tyranny of earthly kings, God is the Hidden King ruling and reigning over all things, even evil, to accomplish His good purposes for His people.

Feb. 2nd – Esther 1-2 – After Darkness, Light

Feb. 9th – Esther 3-4 – After Fear, Courage

Feb. 16th – Esther 5-7 – After Risk, Surprise

Feb. 23rd – Esther 8-10 – After Rescue, Reversal  

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