A New Sermon Series in the Book of James

25 May 2017

What does faith look like? It’s common for many people to claim they have faith in Christ, and simply mean that they assent to certain theological facts. But this is not faith as the Bible defines it. Faith is eternally important. Our sermon series in Galatians last year made that abundantly clear. The question still remains though – what does genuine faith look like? Whereas Galatians taught us about the necessity of faith alone, the book of James helps us understand the nature of faith, which is never alone. Join us Sundays at the Colt Auditorium as we dig into one of the earliest letters of the early church in our study of James.

April 23 – Faith in the Fire – James 1:1-18

April 30 – Faith on the Ground – James 1:19-27

May 7 – Faith in the Church – James 2:1-13

May 14 – Faith that Works – James 2:14-26

May 21 – INTERMISSION – Kenny Long

May 28 – Faith on our Tongues – James 3:1-18

June 4 – Faith in the World – James 4:1-12

June 11 – Faith and the Future – James 4:13-5:12

June 18 – Faith in Our Prayers – James 5:13-20

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