Fall Community Groups

29 August 2022

This summer we officially launched community groups at MHC. The response has been positive with an eagerness to continue. We’re grateful to deepen our bonds as a church family by continuing our groups through the fall season. If you’ve not yet made it out to one of our groups, we’d love to have you join in. The format is relaxed, conversational, and always makes space for praying together. Though it’s a commitment that takes some work to make happen in the middle of the week for some, the response is consistent: “I’m so glad I went!” Our prayer is that these groups will not only nurture relationships in the church, but will provide fresh encouragement in the middle of the week that will keep our eyes fixed on Christ and His kingdom. 

Fall Community Groups will begin on Wednesday, September 21st and will continue until November 16th. Groups will take place in Tiverton and Bristol.

Reach out for more details at MHCBristol@gmail.com 

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