The Church Gathered

26 December 2016

Why do we gather for worship? Why do we sing? Why do we listen to a sermon? Why do we do all the things we do on Sunday mornings? From stuffy traditionalism to glitzy emotivism (and everything in between), every church has a liturgy. Liturgy not only is formative in the life of the church, but it also reflects much about what that church believes. Roger Scruton, the popular British philosopher, has said, “God is defined in the act of worship far more precisely than he is defined by any theology.” As startling as that sentence may be, it strikes true biblically. All throughout Scripture, we see that people worship what they love and the way they worship reveals much about their view of the Divine. In other words, the medium is the message! What takes place when we gather for worship is not arbitrary, but deeply sacred. This is why we want to spend the first month of the new year delving into the subject of worship. Join us as we think about why we do what we do.

January 1 – Hear the Word

January 8 – Sing the Word

January 22 – Pray the Word

January 29 – See the Word

February 5 – Word-Shaped Liturgy

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