Spiritual Habit Workshop

13 November 2019

Have you ever started a New Year’s resolution only to only get two months in and then fall back into your old habits? Or maybe you thought about a New Year’s resolution but never even started? Well, as James K.A. Smith argues in his book, You Are What You Love, we are more than thinking beings. We cannot simply think our way to change, but rather, we are habitual people, formed by liturgy (love shaping rituals). 

Whether we are living in a secular environment or entering a Sunday morning worship service, we are being formed by a certain liturgies and these liturgies shape us. In his book, Smith helps us to interpret secular liturgies and helps us think of ways to replace these liturgies with spiritual ones – liturgies that direct our loves and desires towards our Creator.

On Friday, Dec. 6th through Saturday, Dec. 7th, we are offering a workshop on spiritual habits. Whether you have read Smith’s book with us or not, you are welcome to join. On Friday night, we will review the concepts of Smith’s book and think through ways certain habits are forming us in our own lives. Saturday morning will conclude with helping each other implement new spiritual habits that will redirect our love and desires towards God. 

We will meet upstairs in the Bristol Art Museum (10 Wardwell St.) from 7-9pm on Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturday. 

Please register HERE by Wednesday, December 4th.

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