Opportunities to Give and Pray for Ukraine

11 March 2022

As we continue to pray for Ukraine, we have curated a few options for you to be able to give towards the humanitarian and gospel efforts being made in and around the country of Ukraine. You can click on ministries listed below to learn more and make a donation.

SEND Relief – our network’s compassion ministry is partnering with local baptist churches in Ukraine, Poland and several other countries. They are mainly providing food supplies, transportation, hygiene kits, and more to displaced families.

New Hope Eurasia – got its start over 40 years ago by smuggling bibles into the USSR and helping persecuted churches. The ministry now, through the efforts of Oleg and Marina, are helping in the fight against human trafficking and serving kids through orphanage care. They currently are helping the efforts in Ukraine by providing heating inside tents and driving refugees from Ukraine through Moldova into Romania.

Keys Connections – Keys Ministries exists to provide theological training for individuals in former Soviet Union. University of Grace (UDG) in Moldova trains people from all over the region for gospel ministry. UDG’s facilities are now being used to host refugees from Ukraine and are in need of supplies.

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