New Sermon Series: The Book of Job

20 June 2023

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why would a good God allow evil?” “How can I trust God when I don’t know what He’s doing?” These are just a few of the questions raised by the suffering of Job. The Book of Job is a strange book. It’s a book that makes believers confusedly scratch their heads, and unbelievers scoffingly shake their heads. It’s a book about suffering; not just any suffering, but inexplicable suffering. This ancient story addresses modern concerns, but it doesn’t set well with our modern assumptions. In this way, it challenges us. The Book of Job is strange, unsettling, and glorious

Join for an eight-week series that explores the questions and the struggles that lead us to the wisdom of God. 

June 25th – Job 1-2

July 2nd – Job 3-14

July 9th – Job 15-21

July 16th – Job 22-27


July 30th – Job 28

August 6th – Job 29-31

August 13th – Job 32-37

August 20th – Job 38-42

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