Intro to MHC – Membership Classes

2 January 2017

MHC membership classes are approaching! These classes will take place at a private residence on Friday night (1/20), and Saturday morning at our annex location in downtown Bristol (1/21). If you’re interested in becoming a member, or would just like to learn more about what we believe and practice as a church, we would love to have you join us! The purpose of this time is  to explore how the Bible describes membership to be more than just a name on a role. It’s a fundamental part of the way we live the Christian life and display God’s glory in the gospel in our community. See below for class format. Contact us for more details at

Friday Night (7-9pm):
Session #1 – Our Statement of Faith
Session #2 – Our Church Covenant

Saturday Morning (9am-Noon):
Session #3 – Why Join a Church?
Session #4 – Missions & Outreach
Session #5 – Life as a Church

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