Healthy Teaching, Healthy Living: A Series in Titus

8 February 2022

It’s projected that global healthcare spending could reach $8.45 trillion by 2022. To put it lightly, we are generation obsessed with health. We’re better for it on many accounts, but not on every account. In the quest for good health and a long life, many forget the fact that we are dust, and to dust we shall return. We need God’s medicine of healthy doctrine to nurse us into healthy living. Some might scoff at this statement. For some, the word “doctrine” brings to mind musty old dogmas and coercive creeds. But that was never God’s plan for how doctrine works. Doctrine is connected to discipleship. Healthy teaching produces healthy living. God’s great salvation intends to make us godly. 

Almost 2,000 years ago the apostle Paul wrote a letter to a pastor on the island of Crete named Titus. This letter aimed to set right matters in the church that would produce health and flourishing for the long haul. Join us for a 3-week series as we open this ancient letter and find health infused into our lives for today.

Feb.13th – Healthy Leaders – Titus 1

Feb.20th – Healthy Relationships – Titus 2

February 27th – Healthy Living – Titus 3 

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