Church-Wide Read (Winter)

29 December 2023

Reading and reflecting on the Bible is vital for our spiritual growth.  It’s also helpful to read and reflect on books that are biblically based and seek to faithfully apply the Bible to our lives. Last year we gave monthly book recommendations for our church family. We understand that in the midst of busy schedules, it can be tough to keep up. In an attempt to get the whole church reading, we’re shifting our approach to a seasonal book recommendation. We hope these four books will be a help to your walk with Christ and His church in 2024. A great way to read is to meet up for regular conversation with fellow church members so you can process in a way that is spiritually meaningful with support and prayer.

This winter’s church-wide read will be Overcoming Apathy: Gospel Hope for Those Who Struggle to Care by Uche Anizor. May our zeal increase for God’s kingdom this year. 

Tolle Lege!

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