Prologue of Promise

Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? Why are we and the world we live in broken? Does God plan to fix it? These are foundational questions to life. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, gives answers. As we enter the fall season, we will be looking at the prologue […]

Info Session this Sunday

Sunday (8/7) following our main gathering at 4pm, we have the privilege of hearing from Jonathan Reid, executive director of Fostering Hope New England. The vision of Fostering Hope is to see a day when: A culture of adoptive and foster care permeates the local church community Safe, nurturing homes exist for every child in need […]

One Beautiful Gospel

Have you ever received good news? Perhaps it was the reversal of bad circumstances or a surprising announcement. Good news has the power to change our whole perspective in the present and give us hope for the future. And at the center of the Christian faith is good news – what we call “the gospel.” […]

Rebels Rescued

The Book of Jonah has often been enjoyed as a children’s story with its vivid imagery of storm-tossed seas, a hungry whale, and a reluctant prophet. Yet, a closer look at this Old Testament narrative reveals something more shocking and more beautiful. At the center of this little book is the declaration “Salvation is from […]


Okay. So these might not be frequently asked questions, but they may be questions you have about our new church. Here’s a little info about ourselves and what you can expect at our Sunday gatherings. 1.) When did Mount Hope Church start? MHC is a community that has been prayed for and anticipated for several years now. […]