Advent in 3 Dimensions

25 November 2023

The holidays crowd our hearts and minds with the urgency of NOW. The demands of parties, recitals, shopping, and dinners leave us dazed. Christmas morning often ends with a sigh of relief. As Christians, we have a better season in Advent. As we seek to balance the demands of “the most wonderful time of the year”, we can find ballast for our souls as we center our hearts on the coming of our Lord. As Israel waited for their Messiah, as we look to Christ by faith now, and as we await His return, we’re reminded that He truly is the joy of every longing heart. Advent means “coming.” Each dimension of Jesus’ coming – in the past, present, and future – meets us at our point of need and shows us that we really only need Him.

Join us Sundays during the Season of Advent as we reflect on the three dimensions of Christ’s coming.  

December 3 – Advent Past – Luke 2:25-38

December 10 – Advent Present – John 14:27-31

December 17 – Advent Future – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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