A Prayer of Lament

25 May 2020

Reigning Lord Jesus,

We declare that you sit upon your throne as our Ascended King.

Yet, we lament that your power and authority is often hidden from our eyes.

How long will you let death ravage your world?
How long will you let Satan ravage people’s lives?
How long will you let sin and sickness prevail?
How long will loved ones go untouched?
How long will fears and rivalry divide our communities?
How long will your churches be scattered and silenced?

We ask for your healing and help.
Banish this virus, we pray.
Crush the Evil One and his schemes.
Unbound those who are enslaved to sin through the proclamation of your gospel.
Bring your common grace to all your image bearers, that they may taste and see your kindness.
Bring consolation and reconciliation to our country.
And reunite your church in the joyful praise of your holy Name.

We choose faith over fear. We choose hope over despair.
We trust in your unfailing love and your sovereign goodness.
Our eyes look to you, King Jesus. Have mercy upon us. Come to our aide.
We pray this, according to your great and precious promises
secured for us through your death and resurrection.
To the glory of our Triune God.

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