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No Tame Lion: New Series in Amos

Does God care? Spin the globe and let your finger land wherever, it will likely be a place where injustice prevails. If not, it’s likely a place where decadence and yawning at injustice prevails. Does God care? Whether the issue is idolatry or injustice, what is God’s response? A.W. Tozer once said that what comes […]

Church-Wide Read (Summer)

What do you think of when you hear the words “spiritual warfare”? Likely, you think of intense, opposition, temptation, and struggle. Yet, there’s a more subtle side of spiritual warfare. Satan’s schemes aren’t always obvious. In fact, his schemes often work best when they’re not obvious at all. We can’t afford to be ignorant of […]

A Bible Reading Plan for the Month of June

Growing Christians need a steady diet of Scripture. Without the renewing of our minds we are prone to be conformed to the age we live in. That was the problem for the church in Corinth. They had become dazzled by false apostles and diverted into disobedience. They fell into Satan’s schemes at church! This prompted […]