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April Book of the Month

Each month we like to recommend one book for our church family to read. Occasionally, we’ll host discussion groups to dig deeper into the substance of that month’s book. Whether you read it alone, or invite a fellow member to read along with you, we hope these books will expand and deepen your mind and […]

The Passover Mystery which is Christ

The prophets announced many wonderful things about the Passover mystery which is Christ. To him be glory forever. Amen. He descended from heaven to earth for the sake of suffering mankind, clothed himself with a human nature through the Virgin Mary, and appearing in our midst as a man with a body capable of suffering, […]

New Equipping Class: Meeting with God

We live in a digital age. Instant downloads, search engines, push notifications, algorithms designed to keep you distracted and keep you scrolling. Analog has fallen on hard times. Patient reflection is passé. This isn’t natural or good. Your mind isn’t a hard drive for quick sound bytes, but a heart drive for sustained reflection leading […]